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Happy Halloween :) I know I'm late, I'm sorry.

THANKS to the numerous new watchers :D I hope my art won't disappoint! and thanks to the old ones, my good friends and my super extra babies :heart: you're all awesome!

well :D I'm now in the hot fire of life, job hunting. I feel no more fear or anything. but I don't say that It's completely over, I'm just stronger than this nasty feeling :) props to me. I just realize how hard it is to be 26 in a city where you're young until 25. it's so expensive!!!!!!!!  I'll have to be careful at the moment while dealing with administrative stuff. let's hope I do find that job FAST!!

now good news :D 

AVENGERS 2 trailer HAD ME SALIVATING AND FANGIRLING AND HAVING MINI HEART ATTACKS! like.. WOW!!! It's all i want to say. I need to discuss it (I do already) over and over again and forecast what could happen. THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC!!! I'm so happy to see the twins in it, I HATED Days of Future Past because well.... he broke them >> no twins anymore although Quicksilver was really great in the movie, the fact he had no twin RUINED everything (among others things but we won't talk about it) so THANK YOU Marvel for setting things right for us :D 

since I have a little bit of time for myself, I have started/kept watching those tv shows/animes/cartoons. Some I like, some not so much. here goes the list. let me know if we watch the same thing :D

Tv shows: (I need a funny one... I heard parks and recreation was great.. is it?)

-Hannibal (waiting impatiently for season 3. I :heart: Hannibal Lecter. I loved Will and Jack and my god, the show is gross and yet refined! :D)

-Penny Dreadful
(great surprise!!! I am expecting the second season to be as good as the first one, if not better. Josh Harnett is... yummy!!!)

-Arrow (who would have thought I would love Oliver Queen?) 
-The Flash (I love Wally more than Barry but this show is not so bad. I like it as much as Arrow)

-Gotham (lots of issues with the show, but it's not /that/ bad. It's quietly enjoyable and I am curious about the villains origins :) 

-Supernatural (yes, I know, this show... but I can't help)
-Extant (just started it and it grew on me really, season 1 is done, can't wait season 2)

-American Horror Story (season 1 was a little weak but nice, season 2 was scary, the 3rd one was okay but the 4th one is so gross and creepy and yet I love it! ) 

-Once upon the time (sometimes BORING, sometimes nice. the Elsa arc is a bit annoying me but I must say, I like them better in the show than in the movie.)


Avengers Assemble (because I miss Earth's Mightiest Heroes and it's NOT that bad after a couple of episodes. I like Thor and Hulk's interaction, Thor's so fun, Clint is hilarious, Natasha is badass, Falcon is ADORABLE and NERDY :heart:)

Legend of korra (Avatar): Mein Got! this one... hated Book 3 and book 2 was.. okay. but book 4 is amazing!!!! I love/hate Kuvira. it's a great show really :D one of those with a plot and character development. a must-see!  

Looking forward: DC movies (I saw Assault on ARKHAM and Justice League War/ flashpoint paradoxe) especially the Aquaman one. god, they NEED to give him some sass back... people mock him way too much! damn King Arthur is a badass one! 


Sailor Moon Crystal/old Sailor moon (because I like the old better, but the new one is closer to the manga which I like as well)

That's all for tonight!! please take care, would catch up NOW and would come back another day :) :heart:
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